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MOST (Israel)

by Ilham Bounaira - published on , updated on

MOST (Israel)

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Space of the State of Israel (MOST) is promoting a national initiative for the advancement of women in Science and Technology. The Israeli government has indeed decided in 2000 on the establishment of a "National Council for Women in Science and Technology" that works in cooperation with the Ministry. In May 2014, the Chief Scientist of the Ministry, Prof. Nurit Yirmiya, was nominated as the Chairperson of the new Council. The Council operates through three committees for the advancement of girls and women in: Education, Academy and Industry. The committees meet on a regular schedule and each one has specific goals and programs. Together, the committee members assist with coordination among the governmental, public and private sectors to advance women in Science and Technology through coordination of the activities in this area to the European Union; Initiatives and activities with the purpose to advance women in Science and Technology including support for projects to advance women in education, academy and industry; Raise the public awareness to the problems involved in the advancement of women in Science and Technology.

Team members:

Sky Gross, Director, Division of Social Sciences and Humanities
Ilana Lowi, Director, Division for International Relations


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