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Management Structure

by Federico Zemborain - published on , updated on


The CNRS acts as the project coordinator for GENDER-NET, via a Project Management Team including:

  • The Project coordinator, Dr. Anne Pépin, Director of the Mission pour la place des femmes au CNRS
  • The European Project Manager (EPM), Jeanne Collin
  • The CNRS Administrative Management Department, and European Contracts Office.

General Assembly

Final decision-making body of the Consortium, the General Assembly is composed of one representative from each Beneficiary empowered to making decisions on behalf of his/her organisation. It is chaired by the project coordinator and is the ultimate decision-making entity, ruling on proposals expressed by the Steering Committee.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee aims to manage the implementation of the project orientations given by the General Assembly and accepted by the European Commission. Steering Commitee members are the Work-Package Leaders and co-Leaders. Chaired by the project coordinator, the SC has the right of initiative and proposals.


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