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RCN (Norway)

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RCN (Norway)

RCN has played a central role in the history of promoting gender equality in research and higher education in Norway.

The Research Council of Norway (RCN) is the national funding agency promoting basic and applied research and innovation within all sectors/areas of science, technology and industry. RCN is both a research programme owner and manager, and also the principal strategic advisory body to the government on research policy issues. RCN also serves as a meeting place and network-builder for researchers, funders and users of research findings. The annual budget for 2012 amounts to 7,43 billion NOK. RCN is at the frontline of connecting gender to research policy. RCN plays a national, strategic role in the advancement of gender equality in research and promoting gender perspectives in research. RCN was the first Nordic institution to endorse the European Charter and Code and is now implementing references to the principles and highlighting recruitment of women to leading positions in RCN documents, calls and contracts. The RCN is a Patron of the EU-funded genSET – Gender in Science. RCN was actively involved in genSET1, and was a partner of the genSET2 FP7 application.

In 1998, RCN established KILDEN Information Centre for Gender Research, an independent department within RCN, governed by its own board, which is appointed by the Administrative Director of RCN. KILDEN has long experience in research journalism, web-based research communication, connecting researchers, practitioners and stakeholders, and providing knowledge and overview of both gender research and gender equality efforts in research – locally, nationally and internationally.

Of central importance is the website Gender balance in research, Norway developed by KILDEN on assignment for The Committee for Gender Balance in Research (KIF Committee) set up by the Ministry of Education and Research. The website is a national resource for gender equality work in the research sector and has also a large section in English aimed at international cooperation.

Tasks in GENDER-NET:
- Co-Leader of WP2, Participant to WP1, 3 and 4

See online: Gender balance and gender perspectives in research and innovation - Policy for the Research Council of Norway.

Team members:

Lise Christensen - Special adviser at RCN

Ingeborg Owesen - Senior adviser at RCN

Stig Slipersæter - Special adviser at RCN

Elin Kollerud - EURAXESS co-ordinator

Linda Rustad - Director - KILDEN Information Centre for Gender Research in Norway

Anne Winsnes Rødland - International Adviser - KILDEN Information Centre for Gender Research in Norway


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