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WBF (Switzerland)

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WBF (Switzerland)

The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation of the new Department of Economy, Education and Research (WBF in German) of the Swiss Confederation is responsible for managing and funding Switzerland’s two federal institutes of technology as well as the affiliated research institutes. It is responsible for regulating and co-funding Swiss universities, universities of applied sciences (UAS), upper-secondary level vocational education and training, tertiary-level professional education and training and continuing education and training.

The Confederation’s remit includes the provision of funding for research grants awarded on a competitive basis, the promotion of innovation and the pursuit of international cooperation in the areas of education, research and innovation. WBF consults with the cantons, professional organisations, higher education institutions and bodies as well as with other stakeholders involved in the promotion of research and innovation. It is responsible for relations with national and international authorities and institutions.

Since 2000, WBF has been the owner and manager of the federal programme of equal opportunities between women and men at UAS, now managed by the Rectors Conference of Swiss universities of applied sciences (KFH). Swissuniversities is a joint body created in November 2012 which brings together the Rector’s Conference of the Swiss universities (CRUS), KFH, and the universities of teacher education (COHEP) in Switzerland. CRUS (founded 1904) represents the 10 cantonal Swiss universities and both Federal Institutes of Technology (ETH Zurich and EPF Lausanne) with regard to political authorities, economic circles, social and cultural institutions as well as in relation to the public.

Led by a board of the President and two Vice-presidents, the Conference works with delegations of their members, and also with commissions and experts, in various areas of expertise. They represent Switzerland’s universities internationally and are members of the German and French speaking Rectors’ Conferences in Europe (D-A-CH and ELU). Among other tasks, it ensures the co-ordination of Swiss participation in the mobility programme, ERASMUS, and implements the Bologna process. CRUS is mandated as Bridgehead of the EU Project EURAXESS and is member of the 1st EU-C C&C-promotion-group. CRUS manages the “federal equal opportunity at universities programme” 2008-2012 as well as the Swiss university conference programme P-4 “equal opportunities of women and men at universities/Gender Studies” 2013-2016.

Tasks in GENDER-NET:
- Co-Leader of WP2, Participant to WP1, 3 and 4

Team members:

Yvonne Jänchen
Project Manager National Programme of Equal Opportunity
Gabriela Obexer-Ruff
In-house Consultant - Rector’s Conference of the Swiss Universities

See online : State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation - Suisse Confederation


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