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Discover Kilden’s new website

by MPDF - published on

Discover Kilden's new website

The Kilden information Centre for gender research, directly involved in the GENDER-NET project through our partner the Research Council of Norway, has just launched its new website, now available in Norwegian and English.

Log on to the English version on, and find out more about the main changes, including:

  • their newsmagazine at centre stage on the new front-page, as well as Kilden’s online women’s history exhibitions;
  • the front covers and content from all issues of the Journal of Gender Research now available in English from the years 2009 to 2015;
  • a new information section about gender research, that will allow you to find data on research centres and networks, studies and new publications in Norway;
  • a dedicated section on various and latest projects (including GENDER-NET).

Stay informed with Kilden’s Newsletter and Twitter.