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Official Launch of, Brussels, April 2016

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Official Launch of, Brussels, April 2016

On April 21st 2016 the EU-funded (FP7) project GenPORT has officially launched at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.

GenPORT is a developing online community of practitioners, served by an internet portal and made up of organisations and individuals working across the globe for gender equality and excellence in science, technology and innovation. It covers all sciences - natural and social sciences, and humanities.

GenPORT offers an arena for organisations and individuals to showcase and access the world’s best research resources, practical materials, policy briefings, experiences, and interactive tools, such as e-discussions and blog entries. The creation of an online community through the portal offers a fast track to experience sharing, and supports continuing policy and practical learning in pursuit of good practices in gender equality. Constantly evolving online information and services are shaped by the activities and contributions of the portal’s community members. Sharing resources on a global internet platform makes users prominent and visible to a large international expert community in the field of gender and science, and allows them to shape the portal and its contents. GenPORT also enables users to tailor resources on gender and science to their own needs, and to make them more easily accessible and searchable. After its launch the portal is now officially open for registration at:

Contact information @GenPORT:

  • Dr. Anke Lipinsky anke.lipinsky at
  • Laura Getz, M.A. laura.getz at

See online : The GENDER-NET ERA-NET website as well as its firsts published reports are already on the portal !


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