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GENDER-NET 5th Consortium Meetings, Cyprus, September 2015

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GENDER-NET 5th Consortium Meetings, Cyprus, September 2015

The fifth GENDER-NET Consortium meetings –Steering Committee and General Assembly- were held in Protaras, Cyprus, on September 30th 2015 and hosted by the Research Promotion Foundation (RPF).

The purpose of the Consortium Meetings was to report on progress made in the four Work Packages during the past 6 months - covering activities from Month 19 to Month 24 - and to plan upcoming key steps.

The focus was more specifically on the follow-up of the First Project Periodic Report (covering Months 1-18) and the entry of potential new Beneficiaries (WP1, Task 5), as well as on the upcoming publication of our first three GENDER-NET Reports (WP2-WP3), the finalization of the WP4 workplan and the future strategies for developing sustained activities (WP1, Task 6).

Each potential new Beneficiaries (Ministry of Science, Technology and Space of the State of Israel (MOST); Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)); and new Observers (Icelandic Ministry of Education, Science and Culture (MESC); Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR); NordForsk; US National Science Foundation (NSF)) were invited to present to the General Assembly their organizations, their existing or planned initiatives at national level on gender equality through structural change and/or on the integration of sex/gender analysis in research contents and programs.


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