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WP2: Gender Equality in Research Institutions through Structural Change

Co-Leaders: Research Council of Norway (RCN) & Department of Economy, Education and Research, Swiss Confederation (WBF)

by Federico Zemborain - published on , updated on


Exchange on best practises through networking activities and the mutual opening of a series of national/regional global or targeted initiatives/programmes/policies on the promotion of gender equality within research institutions through structural change, carry out a joint analysis and impact evaluation of existing initiatives, and accordingly, devise a framework for the implementation of transnational activities.

WP2 includes:

  • mapping and analysing existing gender action plans and initiatives
  • selecting priority initiatives
  • designing the selected initiatives to optimise transferability to transnational initiatives
  • proposed joint initiatives and indicators on structural change for monitoring of state-of-play and progress for implementation in WP4.


1. Create WP workplan, monitor progress

2. Perform a joint assessment of regional/national-level programmes/policies/initiatives on the promotion of gender equality through structural change

3. Perform a joint assessment on the promotion of gender equality through structural change at institutional level, as a result of the implementation of regional/national-level programmes/policies/initiatives

4. Understand the impact of award schemes and their ability to stimulate gender equality or enact structural change

5. Design and develop common best practice for a transnational context


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