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Equality Challenge Unit (ECU) works to further and support equality and diversity for staff and students in higher education institutions across the UK and also colleges in Scotland.

ECU is a registered charity, funded through the UK higher education funding bodies and representative organisations. It provides a central source of advice and guidance for the sector. Its approach is evidence-based, using research to identify and change practices that unfairly exclude, marginalise or disadvantage people. This evidence supports institutions to remove barriers to progression and success for all staff and students.

One of ECU’s programmes of work is the Athena SWAN Charter, a scheme that recognises excellence in women’s employment in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine (STEMM) in academia in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The Athena SWAN Charter has over 100 institutional members and is recognised as a method in combating underrepresentation of women and in advancing the careers of women in STEMM research and academia.

Learning from the Athena SWAN methodology, ECU is also running two pilot programmes. The first focuses on addressing gender inequalities and imbalance in the arts, humanities and social sciences, in particular the underrepresentation of women in senior roles. The second is aimed at improving the representation, progression and success of minority ethnic staff and students within higher education.

Tasks in GENDER-NET:
- Participant to WP1, 2 and 4

Team members:

Gary Loke
Head of Policy
Ashlee Christoffersen
Research and Data Officer

For more information: Athena SWAN.

See online : Equality Challenge Unit


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