Promoting gender equality in research institutions and integration of the gender dimension in research content

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EC Report on Gender Equality Policies in Public Research

by Federico Zemborain - published on , updated on

EC Report on Gender Equality Policies in Public Research

This report, prepared by Anke Lipinsky, a member of the GENDER-NET Expert Advisory Board, is based on a survey carried out among the members of the Helsinki Group, the Commission’s advisory group on gender, research and innovation. It gives an analysis of the current state-of-play of EU Member States’ and associated countries’ initiatives for promoting gender equality in research and innovation, highlighting specific trends. The relevance of the GENDER-NET ERA-NET initiative is underlined from the onset of the report:

“Gender equality contributes to excellent research in two ways, by the diversity it brings to research teams and through the analysis of research content by gender. By establishing a European Research Area in which researchers, ideas and resources can move freely, the European Union supports its Member States in modernising research and innovation through coordinated actions. There is a clear need for more EU-wide coordination of gender equality policies through the regular exchange of experiences, and progress reporting against equality indicators. This is the message delivered by the ERA Communication of July 2012 to Member States, research performing organisations (RPO) and funding organisations (RFO). The first steps in this direction have been taken among some national governments and research funding organisations in the form of a European network (ERA-NET) and by networks of RFOs and RPOs in the context of the ERA platform set up by the Commission” (Executive Summary).

The full report can be downloaded here or ordered in printed version here: